Spring into the Real Estate Market: Our Current Market Analysis

Real Estate is Blooming! Check out Our Current Market Analysis

So, you’re thinking about buying or selling a home this Spring season? Let’s take a closer look at what the market is doing.

Some homes are sitting, while others are going fast! - Houses are continuously getting snatched up fast in 2023 when priced competitively, in good condition, and under $600,000. Inventory is low and demand is high. Higher-end luxury homes are taking longer to sell.

What this means for Sellers - Now is a great time to sell your home, as there are plenty of buyers on the market for your home, meaning fewer homes on the market providing less competition. By the same token, you must price and market your property correctly from the start.

What this means for Buyers - As a buyer, try not to drag your feet once you find a home that fits your budget and your family. This delays your ability to start gain appreciation NOW, and it may put you in a higher interest rate and payment, which in turn means you will need to decrease your price point or spend more buying down the rate. Demand is high, so it is important to listed to your agent and stragegize together.

  1. Buy for long term
    In this market, plan on staying put for at least 5 years. This will give you time to refinance if needed. Also, look at other ways you can budget in your life. Maybe two less Starbucks a week or spending less on going out to eat.

  2. Don't fixate on what a seller is asking
    In this market you have more negotiating power, especially in the luxury home market. The playing ground is more even now, and you can negotiate closing costs to help buydown your interest rate too!
  3. Look beyond paint
    With your dream house, you may fantasize about changing some of the rooms. Don't give up on a house in need of a significant fix. Factor in those costs and talk about it with your agent.
  4. Buying a house involves a contract
    Contracts are meant to be negotiated. You don't have to sign a standard agreement. That's where a savvy realtor can help you get creative. 

April Home Maintenance Tips

  • Power-wash windows or hire a window cleaning service
  • Fertilize your lawn
  • Service your HVAC
  • Check for chipped exterior paint
  • Check your smoke & CO2 detectors

Start your Spring Cleaning with this 30-Day Checklist.Tackle a few projects every day to declutter and clean every inch of your home!

  • Day 01 - Dust every corner
  • Day 02 - Take Inventory of Your Clothing
  • Day 03 - Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet
  • Day 04 - Sort Your Shoes
  • Day 05 - Clean Small Appliances
  • Day 06 - Detail Your Car
  • Day 07 - Deep Clean Your Fridge and Cabinets
  • Day 08 - Toss Clutter in the Bathroom
  • Day 09 - Wash Household Linens
  • Day 10 - Clean Your Electronics
  • Day 11 - Remove Junk from Yard
  • Day 12 - Deep Clean Your Oven
  • Day 13 - Wash Your Windows
  • Day 14 - Toss Old Papers & Magazines
  • Day 15 - Wash Your Makeup and Hair Brushes
  • Day 16 - Clean Out Your Plumbing
  • Day 17 - Switch Out Seasonal Decor
  • Day 18 - Vacuum Furniture
  • Day 19 - Clean Your Garage
  • Day 20 - Clean Out Office Items
  • Day 21 - Sort Your Mugs and Glasses
  • Day 22 - Organize Bags
  • Day 23 - Repair Broken or Damaged Clothing
  • Day 24 - Organize Hobby Supplies & Other Collections
  • Day 25 - Get the Kids Involved in the Cleaning
  • Day 26 - Dust and Vacuum Behind or Underneath Furniture
  • Day 27 - Powerwash Exterior of House & Conrete
  • Day 28 - Change Air Filters
  • Day 29 - Sell or Donate Unwanted Items
  • Day 30 - Throw It Away Large Items

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