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Are you looking to explore one of the most eventful places in Fresno County? In this episode of Fresno Re.defined, we’re heading downtown to Old Town Clovis, a popular venue for shopping, dining, entertainment, and events. Whether you want to grab a burger at House of Juju or explore a farmer’s market, Old Town is the happening place to be when you live in Clovis.

It Started With Old Town Antiques

Because there’s always so much going on downtown, the demand for homes within walking distance of Old Town is high. There’s a variety of great shops, eateries, and events for every taste. Although there’s plenty to do, Old Town Clovis was once known for its antiques.

At the original 4th Street Antique Store, for example, there’s over 8,000 sq. ft. filled with treasures from a bygone era. You’ll find many fine antiques alongside curiosities and trinkets, and you’ll be sure to leave with something one-of-a-kind. About 20 years ago, antique stores dominated most of Old Town. After struggling with vacancies, however, a revitalization effort began. Over the years since, there has been building restoration, road improvements, and fancy street lights installed. Green landscapes and brick sidewalks now add to the beautiful ambiance and small-town charm of the area.

Tasty Food And Town Events

While antique stores originally attracted the public to Old Town, there’s so much more to Old Town. There are plenty of places to grab a bite and relax, and one of our favorites is the House of Juju. Their delicious variety of food is something you have to experience!

House of JuJu is home to six different burgers, all made with prime Angus beef, free-range bison, or—my personal favorite—chicken breast or ground turkey. Each burger includes freshly baked buns and a variety of toppings, including avocado, portobello mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, and JuJu's homemade spicy chipotle cilantro sauce. They also have amazing fresh salads and low carb options. The Juju Bleu bowl is a bun-less take on the delicious burger, with bacon, blue cheese, and caramelized onions all tossed in the bowl.

Aside from delicious food, there are a variety of fun events hosted in Old Town annually. These include the Wine Walk, the Craft Beer Crawl, a year-round farmer's market, and a weekly summer farmer's market on Friday nights with live music. The Clovis Fest includes hot air balloons, which are my favorite. There’s Big Hat Days, the Electric Parade, and an amazing offsite event: the Clovis Rodeo. Drawing over 45,000 people in four days, it generates over $12 million to the local and regional economy. Events include professional bull riding, PRCA events, roping, and other rodeo activities including the ever so cute mutton busting.

Buying A Home In Old Town Clovis

With such a fun, diverse atmosphere, living near Old Town has its perks. To purchase property here, homes in and around Old Town will cost anywhere from $275,000 to $600,000 on the high end. That is, if you can find one for sale. And when a new home does pop up, it goes within days.

As an example, one of our listings was a home on Dewit. We had an open house, where over 120 people attended. Within days, we had multiple offers above our asking price, and the house quickly sold. This example gives you a good idea of how crazy the market is in Old Town.

If you already own a home in town, are you familiar with the City of Clovis Cottage Home Program? It's a national award-winning program that offers residents the ability to construct one of three streamlined plans on their existing property as long as they have a backyard facing an alley. One of my clients built one, and the results were amazing. He already had the rental property next door, and he opted with the city to construct a second auxiliary unit—giving him double the investment potential. Due to its early success, the Cottage Home Program is now available to qualifying property citywide.

This program has also led to investor demand for similar homes in the neighborhood, many of which are being converted to Airbnb properties. Airbnb properties have become popular in this area because of the walkability and the overall appeal of Old Town. If you're interested in this new property, feel free to contact us for more information.

Come See For Yourself

Now that you have an idea of exactly what goes on here in Old Town Clovis, you’ve got to come check it out yourself. Head over to Pollasky and 5th, park your car, and enjoy everything Old Town Clovis has to offer. And if you ever have any additional questions that aren't covered on our channel, please feel free to reach out to us via email, our website, or our social media channels. We’d be happy to assist you!

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