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Maybe you’ve thought about selling, but you hesitate because there may be outdated features or deferred maintenance, and you want to maximize the value of your home? At BDJ Style Redefined, we're here to make that dream a reality. We're ready to advance the necessary funds to help you achieve that dream. With our expertise and financial support, you can embark on a profitable venture, revitalizing your home and maximizing its value so you can move on to your next adventure. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Fill out Questionnaire

Fill out our discovery questionnaire below so we can find out more about you and your needs! 

Step 2: Meet with Us, Review, and Approve The Renovation

We do a walkthrough of your property and discuss the scope of work needed & your potential return on investment. We deliver an initial bid to you from our Project Director. You review a final bid, approve, and sign a contract.

Step 3: Work is Scheduled and Completed

Project Director manages subcontractors, makes all materials purchases, and receives deliveries. We consult directly with the Project Director to ensure we are on track with the contract and the listing start date with Baker/De Jong Realty Group.

Step 4: List & Sell

Baker/De Jong Realty Group lists your home, markets your home, sells your home, then BDJ Style Redefined is reimbursed at the close of escrow from your sale proceeds.

Discovery Questionnaire

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