Style Redefined Cover

Are you frustrated with your home sitting on the market, struggling to attract potential buyers? Or do you want to sell your property for its full potential value, but don't have the resources and don't know whether it's worth it to do certain renovations? Look no further than Tracy de Jong and Lynette Baker, your full-service real estate concierge team. 

Tracy and Lynette offer expert services through their company, Style ReDefined to help you restyle and renovate your home to attract more buyers and get the best value for your property. With years of experience in real estate and a passion for renovation and design, they can transform your market-challenged home into a dream property that buyers will love. Plus... they front the money necessary to get you top dollar, and it is reimbursed at the close of escrow. You keep all of the extra profit. It's like flipping your own house!

Tracy and Lynette focus on highlighting the best features of your home, creating an emotional connection between buyers and their future home. They also address key design elements, such as kitchens, bathrooms, color choices, and home décor, to maximize the value of your home. By doing so, they help you to understand what needs to be done to attract today's buyers.

Not only do they invest their own money into your property to make the necessary restyling and renovation, but they also help stage your home professionally to give it that extra added-value and attract the most buyers possible. It's a win-win for everyone! While you ultimately pay for the renovations, it's helpful not to have to come up with the cash before the improvements are made.

Don't let defferred maintenance or updating tasks hold you back from getting the best value for your property. Contact Tracy de Jong and Lynette Baker today at 559-259-2553 or 559-288-6382 to see how their design services can help you sell your property for its full potential value and move on to your next steps.


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